Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Family I have successfully completed week one in the MTC. It has been an indescribable couple of days. The phrase "the weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks" is extremely overused, but is completely true. Days seem to last forever, but when I look back on this week, it seems like I stepped onto the curb yesterday. The MTC is an incredible place. The Spirit is definitely here in a very big way. It is incredible to be surrounded by Elders and Sisters who are dedicating their lives over the next 18-24 months to serving others and to serving the Lord. The MTC is also very humbling. Without the Spirit, it is very intimidating to think of the responsiblity that exists in being a representative of Jesus Christ. However, with faith there is peace and there is a sense of belonging in the calling to serve. I am part of a three-person companionship that makes up our entire district. Within this companionship is our senior companion Elder Finau, Elder Miller, and myself. Elder Finau is from West Valley, Utah and is Tongan by blood. He attended Hunter High School. I'm pretty sure that he was extremely good at tennis, but it is hard to know because he is very humble about it. He did, however, mention that he placed third at nationals when he was about thirteen years old. I like him very much. Elder Finau will be serving in a place called New Caledonia, which was very recently part of the Fiji, Suva mission but is now part of a new mission called the Vanuatu, Port Villa mission. Elder Miller is from San Marcos, California. He is an interesting Elder, but I like him. He attended a French immersion school in Canada before he moved to California at the age of twelve. Because of this, his French is very good. He will be serving in the same mission as me. My french is coming along very nicely. Because every member of our companionship has had previous French experience, we are able to speak a great deal of french throughout the day and our lessons in French are going surprisingly well. I met my mission president and his wife. I like them very much and am happy to be serving in the mission that they will lead. Also, because this week is the new mission president seminar, there are supposedly a number of big church names who are here teaching. Tonight we have a devotional that is rumored to have a high likelyhood of having General Authority presence. However, devotionals are incredible here no matter who is speaking. Sunday's meetings and devotionals were filled with the Spirit. I know that the Church is true and that this is the Lord's work. I'm doing very well in here and am happily anticipating my departure into the field on August 29. I hope that all is going well and that my absence is not being mourned. I love you Camille, and I love the rest of you too. Elder Seth Wynn

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