Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 5 MTC

Dear Family and Friends, I have officially reached my half-way mark in the M.T.C. It feels great to finally be on the downhill. With it being Pioneer Day today, I thought that I would talk a little bit about one of the lessons that we had in class earlier this week about consecration. We learned about the ways in which the Lord consecrated the early members of the Church through trials and necessary sacrifices in order to form them into the spiritually powerful and steadfast members that walked out of Emigration Canyon into the Salt Lake valley. Before traveling west, there were difficult trials in every city in which the Church laid roots that mandated that the members of the Church make sacrifices and put all of their faith in the Church and in the Savior Jesus Christ. Our teacher compared this to missionary work and to becoming a consecrated missionary. There are many things that will hold missionaries back from being consecrated such as lack of obedience, failure to follow the missionary schedule, lack of faith in finding people to share the Gospel with, and pride. This lesson was very inspiring for me, and it lit a desire in me to work hard to become a consecrated missionary while I am in the field. In other news, I got word that my cover was blown by the insurance agency and that you now know that I am injured. Here's the story: For my district's weekly service, we help to transform the gym into an auditorium where all of our Sunday and Tuesday night devotionals take place. While moving a heavy cart of stair railings out of storage and into the auditorium, I sliced the back of my arm open above my right elbow on the frame of the bleachers. I assure you that it is nothing serious, though It did require that I go to the Instacare clinic to stop the bleeding and to stitch it up. It closed up nicely with six sutures and I'm confident that no one will notice a difference upon my return. I apologize for my short letter once again, but I assure you that everything is right from where I stand. I know that this Church is true and that Jesus loves you. I love you all Elder Seth Wynn

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