Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 3 MTC

Dear Family and Friends This has been a good week in the M.T.C. The time is passing quickly, which is good because I am looking forward to serving in the field more and more everyday. We were blessed again this week with a visit from Elder Yoshihiko Kukuchi who is an Emeritus member of the Seventy. He gave an excellent address about obedience and purity. His talk was one of the most powerful talks that I have ever heard. I took notes from beginning to end and felt like everyone was on the edge of their seats. I've been blessed with a Tongan companion and feel like I have learned a great amount about the Polynesian culture in a matter of weeks. One thing that I have noticed is that it seems like most Polynesians are already pretty close to living the Law of Consecration because they share everything they own with everyone. It's been good to become friends with so many Polynesians through Elder Finau. I was sad to hear that the Ford Ranger is on the outs. So many of my memories take place inside that truck, and I've probably thought through almost everything challenging that has happened in my life behind its steering wheel. If it doesn't pull through, save something to remember it by. Maybe the door to the gas tank. I unexpectedly got to go on another little field trip this week. I'll have to send you pictures of my souvenirs at the end of my MTC stay. I apologize for the short letter, I'm pretty pressed for email time today. I hope that everybody back home and those who read this email have a safe, happy, and excellent week. I can assure you that good things are happening here. The Church is true. Elder Wynn P.S. It seems I have seen almost everyone that I know in the M.T.C. If they're here, I've probably seen them. It's very good to see so many friends that share the same calling as me. Happy Ham Day on Thursday

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