Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 4 MTC

Dear Family and Friends I'm happy to report that this has been another good week in the M.T.C. I am continuing to learn new things everyday and am hopefully improving my missionary skills in order to better serve the Lord once I get in to the field. One week from today, my stay in the M.T.C will be half over. I wouldn't be opposed if it was shorter but as long as I am still learning, I am happy to be here. A large number of the missionaries that I have made friends with since arriving at the M.T.C. left this week. I will miss them, but I am happy that they are privileged to be headed to the field. In two weeks from today, fourty-five of the missionaries in my zone will be deployed. This is virtually every member of the zone that was here when my companions and I arrived. It's going to be very different without them, but I am happy for them as well. Last Wednesday, our zone increased by fourty-four French speaking missionaries, so there are a lot of new faces to get to know. It always seems like the incoming missionaries are much younger than the missionaries that are already here, which makes it seem even more like the rules of time are different inside the gates of the MTC, but it's just an illusion and they end up blending right in after a few days. Last Tuesday we were visited by Elder Steuer, who is an Emeritus Member of the Seventy. He spoke about the symbolism and meaning behind words in the different languages of the Gospel. It was very interesting and inspiring. We are very blessed to have such amazing people and Church leaders come and speak to us. On Sunday night, we were pleased to attend a fireside featuring Jenny Oaks Baker, the youngest daughter of Elder Dallin H. Oaks and extremely talented violinist. She played the violin and spoke about her experiences with the Gospel for about an hour. I don't think that I was alone in wishing that she could have played for much longer than she did. She was incredible to watch and listen to, and the Spirit that she brought to the room with her music was very strong. My French is continuing to improve; I'm sure that I've learned every grammar concept that I learned in almost four years of high school French in about four weeks. Elder Finau wants to speak only French for his final three weeks in the MTC, which would mean that Elder Miller and myself would speak only French for the final month. This would be challenging, but I think that if we are committed to the goal, it is very possible and would help us out immensely. The reason that Elder Miller and myself are in the MTC for an extra week is because our mission president has to be in Madagascar at our nine week mark to meet the incoming Malagasy speaking Elders, he will fly to La Reunion a week later to meet my companion and I. I glanced at our travel plans when I saw our flight invoice for San Francisco, and it showed that we will be flying from SLC International to CDG in Paris, France, and then from Paris to St. Denis, La Reunion. In closing, the Church is most definitely true. I know for a fact that Jesus Christ loves me, and that he loves you. His work is amazing, and I consider myself very blessed and very privileged to be a part of it. I love you all Elder Seth Wynn P.S.Could you send me something to prevent and reduce scarring? Tell Camille I love her.

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