Saturday, August 18, 2012

Arrival in La Reunion, France

Mom and Dad I made it safely to Reunion. It is great to be here. Elder Twitchell will be my trainer, we will be serving in the Saint Pierre area of Reunion. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that things are going well and that I am safe! My P day will be on Monday. I will send you my address and other information then. Love all you lots, happy Birthday Dad and Camille! Talk to you Monday! Elder Wynn (Yep! That's all we got! We are anxious for Monday to roll around to find out all the wonderful details. I happen to know Elder Twitchell's father, as we grew-up in the same Stake in Bountiful and attended the same high school. His mother & I have already been communicating and thought that maybe they would end up together. She has been a wonderful resource for the 'real' information about our French-speaking Elder, called to the Madagascar, Antananarivo mission. They seem to be a very rare breed. Let the adventures begin! Carpe Diem! Elder Wynn!)

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  1. Enjoy your mission!!!! Just know how much we love you. I can't wait did more posts from you. I hope you upload pictures. We are sad that we weren't able to see you off this summer. Keep in touch. I made this blog just for you. Love you!