Friday, August 3, 2012

Travel plans changed!!

Dear Mom and Dad There have been some changes made to my stay in the M.T.C. Because of this information, I was given some extra time to email you today. However, before I get to the changes, I want to answer some of your questions. I recieved your DearElder on tuesday after I finished writing my weekly email, so I wasn't able to answer most of them. First off, the package that you and Camille sent to me was perfect. Camille's letter was wonderful and the other contents were just what I needed, you know me well! The notebooks that you sent are exactly what I had in mind. You are the best. Also, I heard about Justin Thunell's big news, I'm excited for him and Lindsay and for the Thunells. Will you give them my congratulations? Last of all, the cut on my arm is only superficial, there was no damage to the muscle and the injury did not slow me down in the least. Now for the update. Elder Miller and myself received our travel plans yesterday. We will be leaving on August 13th. This was literally the greatest gift the M.T.C. could have given to me as a missionary. My mission got very real very fast! Aside from being overjoyed at my early departure, I realize that this change means that I have a lot to do between now and the 13th. I plan on working very hard to prepare myself as much as I can before then. This also means that my last Preparation Day in the M.T.C. will be Tuesday the 7th. There is a lot that I have to do and I will need your help with a few things: Credit Card: I need to be able to use my Debit Card overseas, please contact the credit union so that they are aware of my travels. Travel Funds: Please make sure that there is $200 on my card before I leave in case I have to pay bag fees or purchase food during my trip. Whites: Please send clothes for baptisms. I don't think that I will need full temple clothes, because there is no temple in my mission, but I assume that I should bring white pants. Vitamins: Please send a bottle of daily multivitamins. Camille: I would like to know which email addresses I can send emails specifically to Camille and to Jesse, because I know not how often I'll be sending handwritten letters. Anything else that you think I will need. I will be flying from Salt Lake to Charles De Gaulle, where we will have an eight hour layover. We will then fly from Paris to St. Denis. Our flight departs from Salt Lake City Intl. at 4:50 p.m. Love you all Elder Seth Wynn

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