Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 2 from La Reunion, France

Dear Family and Friends Things are going well here in La Réunion. The weather is beautiful, my French is improving, and the work is moving forward. I hope that everything is going well on the other side. The French has been tough, but I have decided that it is really a matter of confidence. I am understanding the people a lot better now, but there are still times when I am asked questions and I feel like a deer in the headlights. I also feel like I continue to make mistakes with basic, elementary aspects of the language that I did not make in the MTC because I was more confident there. So the language is a little tough, but it's nothing that won't improve over time. The work is interesting. There are a lot of apartment buildings in Saint Pièrre, and we have been somewhat successful finding investigators going door to door. We are teaching a lady named Jessica that we found knocking doors, and are also teaching a number of other investigators that were found by previous missionaries in the same way. So we have a fair amount of work with new investigators, which is good, but not our primary focus. La Réunion, and especially Saint Piérre, has an enormous amount of less active work to be done, as well as a lot of work to be done among the active members. Members often get offended at church, which is a big problem that needs to change. We are trying hard to focus on less actives and to involve the active members of the ward in the work as much as we can. This place is really indescribable. The island is beautiful, and has varied climates depending on where you are. Saint Piérre is usually around 23 degrees celsius (73F) and is always breezy. We are on the south side of the island, which doesn't get very much rain during this time of year. I don't think that it has rained in Saint Piérre since I've been here, and it's been sunny for the majority of every day. The people are basically every color you can imagine. If you are unable to tell which race someone is, they are most likely Creole. There are also a lot of white French people in Saint Piérre. I am sure that some of you are wondering how much I get fed by members. So far, we have been fed by members twice, but we have three appointments this week, which is a lot. We usually cook for ourselves, and have been eating a lot of bread and cheese for lunch and usually some sort of chicken for dinner. Well, my computer time is just about up, so I need to finish. Things are going well here and I hope that they are going well for you in the United States. The Church is very small here, but it is still true, and I know that the Gospel blesses my life every day. Carpe Diem Elder Seth Wynn As far as my address goes, my mailbox doesn't have a lock, so here is the address to the Le Port elders mailbox: Elder Seth Wynn 13 Rue Roland Garros Residence Marena Appt. 4 97420 Le Port, La Réunion

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