Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 6 MTC

Dear Family and Friends What a beautiful day it is today. The past week has been a good one, just as all the weeks up to this point have been. We are extremely blessed as missionaries. After today, I will have only three more Preparation Days in the M.T.C. before I leave. Elder Finau has only two more. As I mentioned in my first email, time is different in here. Sometimes I feel like I might have been born in the MTC, other times I feel like I have only been here for a few days. One thing that I know for sure is that I will be elated to leave and enter the field. I'm very grateful and blessed to be here for the next four weeks, and I know that there is still a lot for me to learn, but patience is not always easy. We had the opportunity to go to the Temple today. This was especially wonderful because we were unable to go after our first week due to Temple cleaning closure. I always leave the Temple feeling calmer and more at peace, it is such a wonderful place. My French is coming along. I am at the point where I am capable of expressing myself almost completely in French, but buckling down and only speaking French is the challenge. My companions and I committed during a companionship inventory to speak as much French as we could until we leave; it's going well, but I know that we can do so much more. That's alright though, because we can continue to move forward and improve more and more each day. That's why we're here isn't it? I've been happy to hear scattered news about the Olympics that are happening right now, and am extremely grateful for the stats that have been sent to me. Thank you, Dad. I hear that Ryan Lochte is proving that preparation proceeds power, just as I expected. I am a much bigger fan of Lochte than I am of Phelps. I apologize for being completely at a loss for words today. I figure that if I have nothing else to say, I should probably bear my testimony. I know that this Church is true. I am sure of it. I came to the realization a little while ago that if someone has a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, then they really have a testimony of everything in the Church because of the way that our gospel rests on the book. If the Book of Mormon is not true, then Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet, families cannot be forever, and my Dad doesn't hold any sort of priesthood. But guess what? It is true. The leaders of this church are prophets of God, families can be forever, and the priesthood does bless the lives of us all. I know for a fact that it has blessed my life. I bear that testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Before I close, I would like to thank everyone who has sent letters thus far, and to thank all of those who are keeping us missionaries in your thoughts and prayers. I'll try to be more prepared so that I can write more next week. Until then, may God be with you. Have fun and keep your teeth showing until we meet again. Love you all, Elder Wynn

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