Monday, September 10, 2012

"What's the best thing about Elder Wynn?"

So you know how 'missionary Moms' are...we love to hear good reports, acutally anything, about our sons! Last week, Seth's companion, Elder Twitchell's Mom, Debbie sent this little excerpt from her son's email. Thanks Debbie! In our Q&A we asked Spencer what the best thing about your son was and this is what he said. "What is the best thing about Elder Wynn? probably his sincere desire to serve. it isnt super often that i have had a companion who just wants to work and follow all of the rules exactly." In his email he says your son is doing really well with the language and is learning quickly. that's what we like to hear! Thanks to Elder Twitchell for being a great trainer and helping Seth get off to a great start in St. Pierre! From this 'missionary's Mom'.

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