Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bragging 'Mom moment' indulge me, Please

This is an email from Sis. Anna Adams. She and her husband are the mission President in the Madagascar, Antananarivo mission. This email was sent to Becky & her husband, they are serving in Madagascar mission too. Becky is a friend of our ward member, Carri Jenkins. Carri asked Becky to watch for Elder Seth Wynn serving from our ward there. She received this copy of an email, Sis. Adams had sent to Becky when she inquired if they had met Elder Wynn. (Wow! That's confusing! Sorry!) Anyway, here's a excerpt from that email: Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 4:12 AM > > It's the middle of the night for you and we are preparing for a very > long road trip early tomorrow morning so I will sent a short email and > call you next week after we return. I am dreading this long drive on > curvy roads, but it has to be. We met Elder Wynn about days ago when > we were touring the mission with the Cooks. He is serving on the > island of La Reunion, French speaking, and has been out a little less > than two months I believe. > He is a very impressive elder - a spiritual giant, (and tall, blond, > and handsome), and will goes places in this mission. The Cooks, Dave > and I felt his spiritual maturity right away. I can tell you more > when we chat. LOVE to hear stuff like this. Of course, I'm his Mom afterall.

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