Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 9: I will be training a new Elder...Already?!

Dear Family and Friends Everything has been pretty busy here so I will get right to it. We planned on focusing less on less-active work this week and more on finding investigators. This went well, but we did however, end up seeing even more less-actives than we did last week. In addition to this, we found a new investigator. The day that we found her was one of those days when it just feels like the Spirit is doing the work for you. Before we found her, we had been visiting a less-active in the area and had planned to contact immediately afterwards. When we were done with the less-active, we started walking, neither of us sure exactly where we were going to start contacting. We came to an alley and decided to check it out without really putting any thought into it. We called at one out of the seven houses at the end of the alley (every house has a gate here, so you usually call rather than knock) and ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation to someone that just seemed to understand that what we were presenting was important, and also seemed to be really receptive to the Spirit. At the end of the lesson, my companion and I just marveled at how much we must have been led by the Spirit to find her. She is still really new, so I don't know how things are going to end up, but I wanted to share the experience. This week at church we had a few of the less-actives come back to church that we have been working with since I started in St. Pierre. One of them hasn't been to church in years, and she came with her 21 year old son who we have also been teaching. It was great to have them there, and I pray that they will continue to come and to improve their lives. Gelly Nativel came as well, which was big on her part because she left later in the afternoon on vacation to South Africa. She has been doing well and we have also had the opportunity to get to know her family on several occasions. Her family has become really important in my mind all of the sudden, and I really feel like we need to teach them the Gospel. I think that we will have to be smart about how we begin teaching, but I know that they need the Gospel. Gelly telling them that she is a member would probably help us out a lot as well. I also got some pretty big news this week. On Saturday Elder Twitchell and I got a telephone call from President Adams telling us that Elder Twitchell will be transferred to St. Marie this week to become one of the Zone Leaders and that I will be training a new elder starting this Saturday. This came as a suprise to me, and I feel really humbled by the upcoming responsibility. My mind has been pretty busy since I got the news. My new companion will be from Tahiti, so he is a native French speaker. I think that this could help my French tremendously, but also means that I will have to work hard. That shouldn't be a problem. I heard about the General Conference missionary news as well. It is very exciting to hear and I know that it will lead to there being many more missionaries in the world. I am happy to hear that things are going well in the United States and that all is well in your lives. I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ lives. I love you all very much. Carpe Diem, Elder Wynn

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