Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week 14: Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Family and Friends Happy Thanksgiving. I actually didn't realize that the holiday is this week. The missionaries of La Réunion will be celebrating next Monday at the senior couple's residence. Also, the ward decided to do a little thanksgiving get together this friday, despite the fact that the holiday is not celebrated here, I think it'll be a fun time. On that note, I'm extremely grateful for all that I have. I am very blessed to be a missionary of the Lord here in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I'm blessed with a good companion, the opportunity to learn a beautiful language, clean running water, a Toyota Yaris, members, investigators, and acquaintances. I'm not sure if I spelled that right because the computers here mark every word as being spelled incorrectly. This week we were very blessed. Two more investigators are progressing than last week, Jean, the husband of a less active in the branch, decided to get baptized in January. And we restarted working with a young man named Damien. He's seventeen and lives with one of the families in the branch. He's been coming to Church for a couple of months now and he's become one of our good friends. Also, we had the opportunity to meet with the mission president on Thursday, which was a great experience. I was happy to find that there will be many changes made in the future to help the Church here. I also was able to have an interview with President Adams. Interviews with the mission president are one of my favorite things. We found out that there is a crocodile park in our area, so we will be going to check that out today. Elder Mariteragi is super excited. They don't have wild animals in Tahiti that aren't in the ocean besides birds. He tells me that one of the first things that he wants to do when he goes to America after his mission is go to the zoo. Well, that's going to cut it for today. I love you, and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to thank God for the truth on Earth today. Carpe Diem, Elder Wynn

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