Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week:12 A Quick email this week

Mother Dear, I thought I would just shoot you a quick personal email. Thank you for keeping me so updated about all that is going on with the family and with the world, I love reading your emails each Monday. I love you Mom. I just barely received a text from the Zone Leaders informing me that they picked up the package that you sent for Halloween, I have been excited about receiving that package ever since you said you sent it. Time, Holidays, and Seasons don't really seem to exist here so far, so the fact that it is a little late for Halloween won't matter at all. Sorry my email is a day late, our activity to Mafate ended up being taking much longer than planned due to some technical difficulties, so unfortunately we didn't really get any preparation done yesterday. The activity was a lot of fun, I don't think I will ever forget it. Anyway, I love you Mom, and things are going well. Also, I am not going to be able to write a mass email this week, I am sorry about that, but I assure you that things are going well enough. I am safe, healthy, and always have plenty of work to do. I will do my best to give a really good update next week! Don't forget those pictures, okay? Carpe Diem Love, Elder Wynn

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