Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 23: Answers to prayers...

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you for all of your love and support. It was great to sit down at the computer today and see that I had a lot to read, it was very happy to hear from all of you. Thank you very much. I especially enjoyed the communal email from Sunday family dinner. That being said, I have fifteen minutes before the cyber café closes and they usually close five minutes early. Excuse me in advance for the short letter. We are awaiting the visit of President Adams this week-end, and will be blessed to have a zone conference with him on Saturday. The members of St. Pierre are anxiously anticipating his attendance in our branch on Sunday; due to the distance between St. Denis and St. Pierre, the mission president isn't in St. Pierre very often. I would like to share a short experience that happened to us last Monday evening. Since before Christmas, we have been unable to see a 17-year-old investigator named Damien because he moved and broke his cell-phone at the same time. During this time, we'd been prayed often to be able to find him and start teaching him again, and had even done door-to-door contacting in the area where we'd heard he lives. No success. However, while loading our groceries into the car on Monday, we met his mother and were able to get his contact information and address. The experience was a blatant response to our prayers. I apologize for the condensed version of the story. CyberBase is closing, five minutes early as usual. I love you all and wish you all the best with all that you will do this week. God is Great, Carpe Diem. Elder Wynn

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