Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 22: Pictures of our hike, good news...

Family and Friends From what I've read in your emails, I left Utah the year that it became Canada. I hope that everyone is surviving the cold weather. La RĂ©union is still hot. This week went well. We are, however, in great need of new ideas for finding and teaching people. Scheduling is difficult for a large portion of our teaching pool. For many people, scheduling more than one visit in a week with the missionaries seems like over-kill, which makes for a lot of time between teaching appointments. I've received several questions about whether or not we are doing service. This week we did nine hours of service for less-active and part-member families, which was about twice as much as we usually do. We ask everyone we meet if we can serve them in some way, but I have not seen a non-member accept service since I arrived, with the one exception being the man that comes to our Wednesday English class each week. Perhaps you remember me mentioning an investigator named Gerville during my first few weeks on the Island. Shortly after my arrival, he accepted the invitation to be baptized, and then dropped us and told us to call him after the sugar-cane harvest ended. We tracked him down this week. We ended up finding him at his house after several failed attempts at calling his discontinued previous phone number. He told us that he's continued to read the Book of Mormon over the last four months and that he's willing to start meeting with us again. The first lesson that I taught as a missionary was with Gerville. We're optimistic about his future. I included a handfull of photos from the last few weeks with today's email. I hope you enjoy them. I would like to thank everyone for all of your support and for the emails that you've sent to which I have not responded. I love you all and hope that you are doing your best and that you are happy. Carpe Diem. Elder Wynn
Elder Wynn & his companion are 'Outstanding in their field'
Cascade Chauldron, St. Denis, La Reunion
Sooo tempting for a swimmer...

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