Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 24: Cyclone Felleng hits Reunion...

Dear Family and Friends, I hope that the lack of an email yesterday wasn't too suspenseful. Last weekend we had a rainstorm that moved President Adam's visit back a few days and moved our Zone Conference with him to yesterday. The rainstorm (hurricanes are called cyclones in the Indian Ocean. Cyclone Felleng hit about 200 miles off the coast of Reunion, and Seth refers to it as the rainstorm) also wiped out the newly repaired Sainte Etienne river crossing in St. Louis, which means that we'll be in traffic for a lot of this week. The river crossing was wiped out earlier this year during the first week of January. The reparations took three weeks, making the trip between St. Pierre and any other area on the island a two-hour trip minimum. We heard that the finished product cost 500,000 euros. The latest rainstorm destroyed the reparations, which lasted a total of ten days, and we're in for another three weeks of driving very slow. Nevertheless, the week went well, the Zone Conference was great, and we're doing just fine. The week was not very eventful, but we did have a good lesson with Gerville, and are planning on visiting him again with our ward missionary, Dédé, this evening. Gervillle lives alone and is very lonely, and has mentioned that he is interested in making more friends. We visited Vincent Defaud this week as well, and that went fairly well. He finished reading Our Heritage, but has still not gotten into the Book of Mormon. He is very busy with his new job, in St. Denis, which will take up more of his time with the road work going on. Despite the difficulties, we are very optimistic with him and are hoping to be able to meet with him much more often than we have been able to in the past. Zone Conference. Yesterday's zone conference with President Adam's went very well. He taught a series of lessons that were interconnected by the Book of Mormon, the Abrahamic Covenant, and changing the work on La Réunion. I felt the Spirit very strongly and was very educated and uplifted by the conference. I love President Adam's, and have never had anything but good experiences with his visits. I know that he was called by God to lead and preside over the missionary work here in the Indian Ocean. The Church is true. Carpe Diem, Elder Wynn

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