Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 25: New Branch President...

Dear Family and Friends I hope you're all doing well. Our week here in St. Pierre went pretty well. We were able to have good visits and lessons with three of our progressing investigators, and we have high hopes for their futures. A new branch president was called in our branch. The former branch president, Brother Argien, was called to serve as the first counselor in the new district presidency. The new branch president is the former natural bodybuilder and Mr. La RĂ©union, Brother Imare. He's been a member of the Church here since 1990. Yesterday in sacrament meeting each member of the new branch presidency was given the opportunity to bear his testimony, and I was especially touched by the testimony of Brother Imare. He stood behind the microphone with tears in his eyes, the size of his upper-arms and shoulders visible through his suit-coat, and said, "I feel very, very small" and then went on to bear his heart-felt testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Despite his large stature, he is a very humble man, and as far as I know, he loves everyone. He'll do a great job. This week was Valentine's Day. We were invited to the branch Valentine's dinner party, which was to be held in the chapel/cultural hall, and decided to go because we had invited several less-actives and investigators to attend. I went expecting romantic French love-songs and a somewhat quiet environment--it turned out to be more like a Ryan Seacrest's American top 40 dance party. After months of straight Tab. Choir and EFY, it was pretty shocking. Fortunately for everyone except me, I was the only one that understood what any of those songs actually mean. My companion and I probably felt more out of place than we've ever felt during our missions, but we were happy to see that it was a good night for the members of the branch. Needless to say, we didn't hang around very long after the food was served. The wind returned to St. Pierre this week, which was a blessing. Wind is what made St. Pierre so agreeable when I first arrived. Other than what I've already mentioned, the week was pretty low-key. I would like to thank everyone who has sent me emails recently, or in the past. Your support is much appreciated. I apologize for not responding to several of the emails that I have received. Other than that, I hope the best for all of you this week, know that God loves you, and that his kingdom exists on Earth today. CD, Elder Wynn

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