Monday, March 18, 2013

More Pics!!!

These pictures probably need a little explanation. Hooray! for Fried Chicken. The Elders, Sisters & Sr. couple found a restaurant that serves Fried chicken, fries & Coke!! The whole Zone ate lunch here one day. Apparently, flowers are all in bloom in the WINTER on La Reunion. So soon, the hills and roadsides will be blooming in bright pinks, reds and yellows. This is an interesting picture, but so true in life...Sometimes the beautiful things or times in our lives have some thorns mixed in. A neat analogy, I thought. Here the hungry Elders are waiting in line for some fried chicken at the restaurant previously pictured! After Fried Chicken, Elder Heap, the Sr. couple Elder, knew of a milkshake shop that makes milkshakes with American ice cream. It was a bit of a walk, but they all wanted milkshakes. So they walked in the hot weather, only to find when they arrived, that the store was closed. You can see the disappointment on the missionaries faces. That's Seth in the corner with his back to us, head up against the door. After finding out that the owners were there through a window, the Elders asked if they wouldn't please open for them. The owners told them they would be open in 30 minutes. At first, none of the missionaries wanted to wait, but their stomachs and tastebuds won the battle, and they decided to wait... Here are the HAPPY missionaries enjoying their much anticipated, milkshakes! They look like a Happy, satisfied group!

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