Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 30: Happy Easter!

Dear Family and Friends, Happy Easter two days ago, I hope that everyone had a good day. I'm writing a day late because literally everything was closed yesterday due to Easter Monday being a National Holiday in France (and La Reunion). We were invited Easter Sunday to accompany our Zone Leaders to an Easter lunch with a family in Sainte Marie. This week we did a lot of contacting which turned out to be fairly productive because we have several follow-ups to do this week. We also have a new investigator, who is pretty incredible. I hope to talk more about her in the future. I really do not have a lot to say today, so I apologize to all of you who were hoping for something longer. St. André is going well. It's a little cooler than St. Pierre, and rains about four times as much, which I don't mind. Well, the Church is true. Jesus really is resurrected and He lives today. He loves each of us, and wants to be and do our best. Have a great week, Carpe Diem Elder Wynn

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