Monday, June 10, 2013

Ste. Marie...Elder Milot's last days

Dear Family and Friends I apologize again for not writing a mass email last week, time management during emails is not always my strongest quality. Well, It has been weeks since I have really written a good email, so I assume that you are all a little bit behind the times! Elder Milot and I have now been companions for almost four weeks, and he will be returning home to North Carolina this Wednesday. This is my first experience with having a companion go home, and so far, it doesn't feel very much different than any other transfer. I hope that this feeling will continue. Elder Milot and I have worked really well together and these last few weeks have been really rewarding. This upcoming week is going to be very busy. I am going to be at the airport this week on as many as five separate occasions sending missionaries off the island, either to the U.S. or to Maritius, and receiving missionaries, either from the U.S. or from Mauritius. Orientation for the four new missionaries will happen on Wednesday afternoon, and Elder Milot will go home Wednesday evening. All of the arriving missionaries are from the United States. These last few weeks we have been working both the Ste. Marie and St. André areas, which has kept us busy. On Sundays, we attended sacrament meeting in St. André, and the remaining two hours in Ste. Marie. Thankfully, two elders, Elder Mariteragi and one of the two arriving elders, will be transferred to St. André this week and will be able to give all of their attention to helping the group that is there. I usually am unable to write an email without mentioning the weather. La Réunion has been relatively very cool over the last month or so. On Tuesday, snow fell on Piton des Neiges (Snow Summit in english), which happens very rarely. Elder Milot has really been feeling the cold, I, on the other hand, have found the weather during these last few weeks to be perfect. I wouldn't change anything if I could. Well, I think that that is all the news that I have to give! I will include a picture of Elder Milot and I at the Ste. Marie chapel. I love you all, and and the Church is true. I know it is. Laus Deo Elder Seth Wynn

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