Monday, August 5, 2013

Is anybody keeping track of how many companions I've had???

Hello family and friends! I am going to get right to news so that I don't leave anything out before I run out of time here. This last week has been a good one. I'm trying to remember if Elder Mariteragi, Elder Peck, and I have been in a trio for one week or two--in any case, I will be getting a new companion this week, and then another one next week. I'm not sure if anyone is keeping track of how many companions I've had in the last three months, but you might want to count. On Tuesday, Elder Miller, who is working in St Pierre, will go to Mauritius. This will leave Elder Long, who finishes his mission in a week, without a companion. So, in order to fix this, I will be working with Elder Long over the next week in St Pierre. We will, however, be living in St Denis. The goal is to bridge the gap between the missionaries that are currently serving in St Pierre and the missionaries that will arrive without any St Pierre experience in a few weeks. This will also allow me to find a new apartments without disrupting Ste Marie work and Elder Peck's training. The number of new missionaries arriving has necessitated that we find two new apartments on the island, in addition to the new St Pierre apartment that the St Pierre elders moved into on Thursday. Are you lost yet? Consider reading this paragraph more than once. As I mentioned, Elder Long will go home next week, on August 14th. He will fly home with Elder Twitchell, who will return from Mauritius on the 12th. They will leave Wednesday evening. Wednesday morning, Elder Peters will arrive from the MTC and I will start training him. Elder Peters is from Tahiti. I will train him in the Ste Marie/St André area as far as I know. Elder Mariteragi will fly to Mauritius on the 21st. Things are going well here, the weather has actually been a little chilly. This is partly due to wind and partly due to the forced climatization that we went through last summer. However, it is still not cold enough to wear a suit on any day other than Sunday. There are still a lot of houses that are closed up and lots of people that are unavailable because of the French summer vacation, but that will end soon. I figure back to school supplies just went on the shelves in America like like they did here. We are looking forward to more people being at home. That's all that I've got for you today! I hope that all is well in each one of your lives and that God is blessing you abundantly, he is definitely blessing me. I know that He loves us and that his church has been restored and is on the Earth today. Laos Deo, Elder Wynn

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