Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Questions answered...

Well, things are going well here in La Réunion. How many times have I started an email with that exact sentence? It's great to hear that everyone is headed off to school, which means people will stop making me jealous by telling me about all of their awesome summer activities. I'm glad you all had a great summer and that you filled it with great activities. My winter has gone very well, however the weather has been hinting that the relatively cool temperatures are on their way out. Elder Peters and I are doing very well. This week is going to be busy with all of the preparation that will take place before the next shipment of elders and sisters arrives on Sept. 4th. This being said, we are going to have lots of time for teaching and finding as well. Elder Peters makes me want to go on a vacation to the MTC. He reaks of greeny fire and the teaching skills of someone that worked with the missionaries before coming out. I'm lucky to serve with him, even if it might only be for another week. Our options for trainers are pretty limited, so there's a good chance that Elder Peters will train after two weeks. I hope that he will at least stay in our apartment. Right now, it's just he and I in the St Denis elders apartment. Elder Mariteragi went to Mauritius on Wednesday and Elder Peck went down to St Pierre with Elder Arrieus, who was serving on Mauritius. Elder Arrieus started his mission on Madagascar, and is a malagasy speaking elder, but he was sent over here to help us train some of the incoming missionaries. He holds French and Canadian citizenship, was born in Pau, France to french parents, and his family currently lives in Cardston, Alberta. We're lucky to have him with us for a while. Let's see, there was a baptism in the Ste. Marie branch this Saturday, which was great to see. Elder Peck and Mariteragi had taught the candidat, Ricardo Villi, while they were in St André and until they left the area this week. Elder Peck and Arrieus drove up from St Pierre this week so that Elder Peck could baptize him. I included a picture of Ricardo and I--we saw him a few times between the time that Elder Peck and Mariteragi left and his baptism on Saturday. Great kid. Answers to Mom's questions: I hope you had a great week? Yes, the week was good. How is Elder Peters adjusting to missionary life? Elder Peters is adjusting well, he was prepared to come out and is a great teacher. Was this the week Elder Mareteragi went to Mauritius? Yes. Are you still in an apartment with the other 2 Elders? No. Elder Peck and Elder________? How are your responsibilities as Zone Leader going? Zone Leader things are going well. There are currently no district leaders on the island, they are going to wait until Sept 4th to call district leaders. I stay busy. How are your appointments? Appointments are good, we picked up a few investigators from Elder Peck and Mariteragi, which added some set lessons to our weeks. Any promising or progressing investigators? We have some that are moving, slowly but surely, and there are some good potential investigators that I hope to start teaching soon. Well, I am going to go take my suit to the dry-cleaners. I hope that you all have an excellent week. Love, Elder Wynn

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