Saturday, September 14, 2013

New missionary force has arrived!

Description of pictures, Top to bottom: New companioin, Elder Choi, from Korea. Elder Choi arrived from the Provo MTC. New companion, Elder Hammond, from Grantsville, UT. Elder Hammond arrived with the other missionaries from the Ghana MTC. Seth's last companion, Elder Peters, from Tahiti. They were companions for a short few weeks, now Elder Peters is training one of the new Elders that just arrived! At least, he's got French down, that being his native language. Seth & Elder Peters with a wonderful member family, The Payet's. JOhn Payet serves as the Branch President. Last, the 7 new missionaries that arrived on Sept. 4th. 6 Elders & 1 Sister. A small army to do the Lord's work! Hurrah for Israel!!(Seth must be taking this picture?)This week's email follows: This has been a good week; I'll get right to telling you about it. The group of seven missionaries that we have been talking about for months finally arrived on Wednesday and Thursday. We were expecting Elder Choi to arrive from the Provo MTC on Wednesday morning, which he did, and the other missionaries to arrive on Wednesday evening. However, shortly before Elder Choi arrived on Wednesday, we were informed that the rest of his group would be arriving Thursday night. This caused a big scheduling change for every companionship on the island, but in the end they all arrived safe and sound. Trainers were announced on Friday morning at our new missionary orientation and Elders Choi and Hammond were placed in my care. Elder Choi is from Korea, and he seems like a great guy so far. He had to postpone his missionary service to finish his two years of required military service in Korea, and he actually started his mission in Korea while he was waiting for his French visa to go through. He's a great guy--optimistic, hard-working, and his accent when he speaks French is one that I definitely haven't heard before, so that's sort of fun. Elder Hammond is from Grantsville, Utah and is one of our new 18 year old missionaries. He just graduated a few months ago. He seems like a great guy so far and we're getting along just fine. Elder Zimmerman is training Elder Wiber in the St Denis area and they are living in our apartment in St Denis which seems suddenly full now that there are five of us living there. I don't have too much more to report, but things are going well. I'm happy and am having a great time. I hope that all is well back home, and that this week goes well for each one of you. CD, Elder Wynn

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