Wednesday, October 9, 2013

News from Elder Wynn's side of the planet...

I'm happy to hear that Conference went well and that everyone is spiritually-recharged. I am looking forward to having that experience in two weeks! I think I've mentioned this at each General Conference, but I really didn't understand the enormous importance of Conference until I became a missionary. I look forward to General Conference like it's Christmas. It sounds like there's some governmental problems going on in the US of A. Here's the quote that my Mother sent me: "Did you hear about the 'Government Shutdown' here in America? Hasn't seemed to make much difference for us yet, but hopefully they can come to some solutions and compromises this next week." Needless to say, I still have no idea what the government shutdown is! (I love you Mom) Anyway, I hope that everyone's okay, and that America is still America when I arrive home in two years or so. The photos I sent last week were at a waterfall that we went to called Grand Etang -- which is the largest fresh body of water on La Réunion. It didn't look like much more than a pond last week when we were there, but it apparently gets much bigger during the summer rains . Last week was a good one. We completed six missionaries' long-term visas, and they are good to stay for at least a year. We also did a fair amount of work on two more Mauritian visas for some elders that will be sent over there in the future. In addition to this, we did normal missionary work, of course. As usual, we are doing lots of looking. I find that tracting is as fun as you make it, and we have a pretty great time. I'll include some excerpts of funny experiences that have happened to us over the last few weeks: 1. I really like to stare into the eyes of angry dogs behind fences because it drives them nuts and because I like the rush. Last week, I was staring at a dog that was barking at us when he decided that he'd had enough and revealed to us that his being behind the fence was a personal decision. He almost got Elder Choi, but I threatened him with the Book of Mormon and he ran away. His bravery earned our respect. 2. French men are sometimes way too comfortable answering the door in their underwear. The best description that I can come up with for one of these guys is--I actually probably shouldn't go into further detail. 3. One man told us that he couldn't talk to us because he had a crêpe on the stove--sometimes people live right up to stereotypes! Well, that's about all that I've got for today. I would like to say in closing that I know that the Church is true. I don't know where I would be in today's world without the Church of Jesus Christ in my life, but I don't imagine it being anywhere good. I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet called of God. I consider myself very blessed to be on a mission and to be where I am; the Lord is taking very good care of me. I hope that all goes well in your lives this week! God bless, and Carpe Diem. Elder Wynn Dear Dad, As always, thank you so much for your email. It's good to hear that all is well back home. I apologize for my general lack of specificity during my emails- I will try to do better. It's amazing to me how fast an hour of email time flies by. You will have to congratulate Ammon for me, it sounds like the AF band is excellent, as usual. Tell him I'm proud of him. Let's see, the waterfall that we went to last week was at Grand Etang-- which is the largest fresh body of water on La Réunion. It didn't look like much more than a pond last week when we were there, but it apparently gets much bigger during the summer rains. I think the reason that I didn't include much information about the hike was because we actually did it two weeks ago and I wasn't able to send pictures because we emailed at a different spot. Things are going well here. We have trouble finding serious investigators, but that's nothing new, and other than that, things are really great. Elder Hammond and Elder Choi are both great guys. This morning, Elder Choi came out of the bathroom after having cut his own hair--we were all pretty suprised. The cut looks pretty good from the front, but he himself used the word 'bumpy' to describe the sides and the back. We had been looking for a pair of chopsticks for him since he arrived, and we finally found a member who gifted him a pair this week. He was pretty excited and we made a pretty big deal out of it.
What happy missionaries! I love this picture! Also, the picture of Elder Choi shows how excited he is about finding a pair of chopsticks. Happy Korean!

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