Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pictures! We LOVE pictures!

Pictures are the BEST! Transfers really mixed things up around the mission! Here's the run-down: First, Elder Choi is heading to Mauritius! From Left, Elder Zimmerman, Elder Choi & Elder Wynn. Next, Elder Arrieus is heading to Madagascar. From Left, Elder Zimmerman, Elder Arrieus & Elder Wynn. Seth with children in the St. Marie branch. Next, The fabulous threesome of Elders Choi, Wynn & Hammond at the St. Marie branch. Next, Elder LeReoux is heading to Madagascar too! Elder Peters & Elder Wynn, Elders Peters and Marateragi, both Elders that Seth trained. Elder Marateragi has been serving on Mauritius, now serving in St. Pierre.
Scenes from the airport. The plane that will take the Heaps back to America. The three new missionaries that arrived from the Ghana MTC: Sisters Thomas & Isham and Elder Estrade. The Zone Leaders, Wynn & Zimmerman with Sis. & Elder Heap. Hugs from Elder Heap for a member that came to the airport to see them off. Elder Heap & Elder Wynn, hard Goodbye. Finally, off to security and on their way! What a legacy Elder & Sis. Heap have left. "Them are some pretty big shoes to fill!"

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