Monday, January 13, 2014

The Heap's Finish their mission, hardest farewell....

This has been a pretty enormous week. We sent three elders to Madagascar, sent one to Mauritius, received one from Mauritius, received three new missionaries, and sent the Heaps home. Transfers really mixed things up, it will be interesting to see how everything goes forward in the next few months. Getting everyone to their areas and with their new companions required some planning, but everything went as planned and I think everyone is settled. I have a lot of confidence in the three new missionaries that arrived. Elder Estrade (Qu├ębec), Sister Isham (Washington), and Sister Thomas (Belgium) all seem like really great missionareis, two of them are native french-speakers, and I think all three are going to do just fine. The two new sisters are both being trained in St Denis, Elder Estrade is being trained in St Pierre. I am very excited to be working in the Ste Clotilde area. I have always wondered if I would serve in St Denis, and so far my experience in the St Denis branch and area has been very positive. Our area has only been and elder's area for a few months and it is going to require a lot of work to build success, but I'm thankful for the challenge and for the opportunity! Ste Clotilde definitely feels like the city, which is an environment that I haven't really worked in during my mission, but the change has been fun. Elder Zimmerman has been on his mission for almost a year now. He started in Feb 2013. He's from South-East Texas and is the youngest of nine children (Elder Hammond, one of my last companions, is now the oldest of nine). He was trained by my MTC companion, Elder Miller. Elder Zimmerman likes soccer, and has a lot of funny stories about things he used to do down in south-texas such as catching gators. Surprisingly, he does not really have a strong Texan accent. He went to BYU before his mission. The hardest part of this week was, without doubt, taking Elder and Sister Heap to the airport to send them home at the end of their missionary service. Elder and Sister Heap have always been among the most positive influences for me as a missionary, and they will definitely be missed. Seeing the Heaps go was harder than any other of the missionary farewells I've attended at the airport, but I am very happy that they will be getting home to their family. Several members from multiple branches on the island came to the airport to see them off and the whole experience was touching. I really have a hard time finding the right words to praise their great leadership and example. Tomorrow, we will be having interviews with President Adams, who we will be picking up from the airport in a few hours, and on Wednesday we will be picking up the new couple, the Madsens. I am excited to meet them and to work with them. Elder Madsen was President Adam's trainer as a young missionary in France. We're looking forward to a great week. I wish you all the best. Keep up all the good that you do and keep me posted. I love you all and am grateful for everything that each of you has done to help me be a better disciple of Jesus Christ and a missionary for him. Thank you very much. Elder Wynn

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